1. The human brain as a complex system provides challenges to many disciplines from technology and signal analysis to engineering, medicine and humanities.

  2. The burden of devastating diseases of brain and mind increase as the population ages.

  3. The energy-efficient parallel processing system of the brain inspires new computing technologies.

  4. Measuring the brain function informs us how to construct appropriate human–computer and brain–machine interfaces.

Focus areas

  1. Human brain dynamics & systems-level neuroscience

  2. New tools to measure and analyze human brain function


  1. To understand human brain & mind at systems level by applying advanced brain imaging and computational methods.

  2. To promote synergy and collaboration arising from the strong tradition of neuroscience, neurotechnology, and computation in Aalto.

  3. To contribute to developing and providing basic brain & mind education to Aalto students.

  4. To promote translational research towards new clinical applications and commercial utilization of the technologies developed.

Detailed analysis of brain dynamics is essential for understanding brain function in health and disease. The scientists of the Aalto University have a long tradition and a strong international reputation in systems neuroscience, neurotechnology, and signal analysis. The combined multidisciplinary efforts will make ABC fly!


An integral part of ABC operations is the advanced brain-imaging infrastructure hosted by the Aalto University. The Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) ( research infrastructure houses three functional neuroimaging modalities; Advanced Magnetic Imaging Centre (AMI; with a 3-tesla research-dedicated magnet for structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, MRI and fMRI), MEG Core (with a 306-channel MEG, magnetoencephalography device in an excellent, low-noise environment), and Aalto TMS lab (with a 2-coil navigated transcranial magnetic stimulator, TMS). Aalto NeuroImaging and BioMag Laboratory (located at HUS, owned jointly by Aalto, HUS, and the University of Helsinki) form NEUROIMAGING infrastructure that has a common steering board since 2011.

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